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University planning

In North America, learning is not the only measure of student performance. Each activity and course selection has a fixed time point and requirements. Providing students with educational resources suitable for their own characteristics and needs in advance will help students stand out in the fierce competition. Listening to the advice of professional education consultants can avoid unnecessary time wastage and detours.

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One-stop shop

Customized service

For students who need one-to-one full-course study abroad application guidance

  • Analysis of professional school selection, rich application resources for prestigious schools

  • Apply for the creation of a personal archive

  • Application timetable, application process and application materials are fully integrated

  • Private customized exclusive application plan

  • Improve personal characteristic background and enhance personal soft power competition

  • Consultation instructor to supervise and follow up in time every week

  • Consultation mentor to assist in staged personal summary

  • Pay attention to the progress of school courses and assist in the selection and adjustment of semester courses

At the Library

​Special guidance

For students who need guidance on one or more specific projects

  • Guidance and polishing of professional essays for university application

  • High school curriculum and knowledge system guidance

  • Standardized test skills training

  • International competition training and experience

  • Summer camp planning

  • Interview training and simulation

Successful case of university planning

Throwing Caps

University planning

Summer school declaration

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