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About Sager

Sager Education is a large educational institution registered with the Canadian federal government, focusing on education training/competition and examination/university planning, providing an elite teaching model.

The teachers of the college have rich experience in teaching in North America and strong teaching ability. The main courses offered are G1-G12 mathematics, physics, chemistry and science courses; various levels of mathematics, robotics and computer competition counseling; various standardized test counseling, such as AP, SAT, SSAT, IB classes, provincial exam sprint classes, etc.

The college is authorized to host the world’s three major youth robotics competitions in Canada and to host a number of international mathematics and programming competitions.

Over the years, Sager has provided education and practice activities in science and technology, artificial intelligence and aerospace for young people, and promoted the promotion and exchange of STEM education worldwide by holding international STEM competitions, and contributed to the cultivation of more high-tech talents.

​The principal's message

At Sager, we emphasize two things:
competition and comprehension.
With the two combined, we got a
friendly environment with competition
aimed at enhancing understanding.

Dr. Chris Zhang Principle of Sager Education

Blue Smoke
Dr. Chris Zhang Principle of Sager education

Dr. Zhang Cheng

President of Sager Education

The principal Dr. Cheng Cheng once worked at the University of British Columbia, where his main research directions are computational geometry theory, computer vision and robot vision algorithms. He is a senior education expert who has made achievements in the four fields of mathematics, computer, electronic engineering and robot vision algorithm at the same time

  • Mathematics education authority. Editor-in-chief of the English version of the North American authoritative mathematics supplementary book "Excellence in Math" series from grades one to twelve Published many papers in IEEE and other international conferences

  • Chairman of Canada Youth Robotics Club, a non-profit organization

  • Chairman of Global STEM Fair

  • Judges of Vancouver Science Fair Science Fair

  • Chairman of the Canadian Division of RoboRAVE International Robot Competition

  • Chairman of the World Educational Robot Contest Canada Division

  • Chairman of Global Youth Coding Cup (GYCC)

  • One of the project leaders of the smart array camera project of the 2010 Canadian Winter Olympics

  • In 2012 and 2016, he was nominated twice for the "Provincial Nesika Awards" (Provincial Nesika Awards)

  • Scouts Canada Burnaby 7th SW Naval Leader

  • Mentor of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

College Campus

Main scientific research results

  • 2008 – 20012 Hockey Smart Array Camera Project Prototype for Canada 2010 Winter Olympics (Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Council, D-Link)

  • 2007 Leading and researching adaptive camera distribution system according to different security level requirements, suitable for banks, companies, museums, etc.

  • 2006 The world first proposed the concept and definition of QoV in the field of image hardware recognition to distinguish it from conventional FoV (Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Council, Bell University Laboratory)

  • 2005 Research on Embedded System and Image Recognition (Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Council)

  • 2004 Research on Optimization Algorithms in Virtual Reality (863 Project)

  • 2003 3D reconstruction and virtual reality research (863 project)

  • 2002 Completed regional hospital optical fiber backbone network and gigabit integrated network system

  • 2000 Leading the development of the comprehensive network system of the Provincial Department of Finance

  • 1999 Leading the development of provincial industrial and commercial administration system

  • 1999 Developed the red blood cell electron microscope doctor's diagnosis assistant system

  • 1998 Leading the development of the mobile command system for flood control and drought relief with satellite cloud images of the Provincial Department of Water Resources

  • 1997 Developed a grammar-based artificial intelligence automatic manuscript proofreading system

  • 1996 Developed an automatic voice document proofreading system and applied it to many newspapers

  • 1995 Developed ECG electrocardiogram real-time diagnosis system for early heart disease

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