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Sager helps you determine which summer school is right for you!

Research | Academics | Leadership | Language | Background Improvement

4 big benefits from participating in summer school

University experience

Experience the real life of famous American universities in advance

​Academic Network

​Have a chance to get a recommendation letter from a famous professor in the United States

​University Credits

Professional courses can earn U.S. university credits

development Goals

Through the immersion experience, clarify the direction of the future university application

application process

Information Evaluation

​Proposal development

Confirm admission

Selected school

​Sign a contract

Preschool guidance

Contact school

​Confirm admission


Document production

​Summer School Application


application type

University Summer School

The university summer school is more academic than the high school summer school. The core of the university summer school lies in the selection of courses. The consultant will guide the children in the skillful matching of courses, so that the children can highlight their own characteristics and get considerable credits. , To pave the way for future US applications

Sager consultants will guide students on how to effectively communicate with summer school teachers, gain attention, and obtain excellent recommendation letters to the greatest extent, so that the summer school will be more fruitful

We focus on helping students with obtaining excellent credits, demonstrating his/her abilities, and transferring credits after entering the undergraduate course in the future.

High School Summer School

Sager Education recommends outstanding academic programs for students. With years of experience of consultants, teachers can quickly determine the level of children, locate the most suitable programs for children, and make targeted projects based on future study abroad applications.

Sager consultants can discover the shining points that children or parents may overlook. Under the professional guidance of the consultants, the children's clerical skills, language skills, and thinking skills will actually grow faster.

After the summer school submits the application, there will be a series of course selections and preparations before the beginning of the school. The consultant can help students arrange the time for various items to follow up the progress, so that students and parents will avoid detours.

Popular Summer Schools in 2021



Harvard Summer School

Pre-College Program


Seven-Week High School Program



Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes

Suitable for G8-G11


Pre-College Programs

​Suitable for G9-G12


SUMaC Stanford University Mathematics Summer Camp

​Suitable for G10-G11



Cornell Engineering Summer School

​Suitable for G10-G11

Engineering Innovation(EI)

Hopkins University

​Suitable for G8-G12


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Summer Science Program(SSP)

​Suitable for G10-G11

RSI Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Summer Camp

Suitable for G11​



New York University Business School

​Suitable for G10-G11

University of Pennsylvania

Wharton School of Business

Wharton Summer Leadership

in the Business World

Suitable for G10-G11​

Summer school application success cases

University Building

Summer School Information

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